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Timeless kitchen trends

Timeless kitchen trends - Daily Monitor
By Joan Salmon

Trends come and go, but there are some that linger and will still be aesthetically pleasing many years down the road. If you are not a fan of frequent changes, here are some trends you might want to incorporate into your kitchen design:

Open layout

It has been years since closed kitchens lost appeal and the open layout took over.

Aloysius Nangosha, an interior designer says the open layout has been favoured for years and does not seem to be going away because it allows for interactions as well as for entertainment to flow through the living spaces which endears it to homeowners.

“No one wants to be locked away in the kitchen with all the work therein while the fun is happening across the wall. With this floor plan, you get the chance to be part of the action which allows for connectedness. The only flaw here is if one is a messy cook as that will be in every one’s eyes,” says Nangosha.

Floor plans continually change but to keep your kitchen appealing through the years, you can remodel it to carry an open plan.


Quartz countertops

Granite countertops are the norm in several kitchens, however, the drawback is how they dominate the kitchen look thanks to the naturally-occurring inconsistencies that stand out as a sore thumb yet run through the stone.

“On the other hand, quartz countertops have a brighter shine and call for less maintenance compared to granite which chips easily. Additionally, quartz has consistency throughout the countertop and is available with either large veins or swirls that give your kitchen a real stone effect in case you desire it,” Alex Masaba, a contractor, shares.

He adds that quartz is also resistant to heat, non-porous, and does not get scratched or stained. The material is also long lasting yet easy to maintain and anti-microbial making it your ideal countertop material for your family or if operating a busy kitchen.

Neutral colours

Bright colours such as green, and blue may seem trendy, however, a few years down the road, these lose appeal. So unless you desire to repaint your kitchen every so often to keep it looking modern and fresh, Nangosha says going for neutral colours is the better option. “Many may think this limits their choices to white but that is not so because there are several options such as beige, grey, and cream and their related hues. Moreover gray can be varied to give you a modern twist that lasts forever,”  Nangosha adds.

White kitchens

While it may feature in neutral colours, white is a phenomenal colour that will allow your kitchen to look fresh and clean at all times.

“Trends are overtaken by events but white cabinets are here to stay and that is very important because cabinetry makes up the biggest percentage of the kitchen. White cabinetry will fit in any kitchen style; modern, traditional and transitional,” Beatrice Kakaire, an interior designer says. With white cabinetry, the next step is selecting your ideal style such as: Shaker style where the look is classic and simple with a sophisticated elegance yet clean lines, simple raised panels which have a versatile modern design bringing a retro look in a contemporary home and slab where the doors are solid and flat, lending simplicity.

Counter height islands

A kitchen island could be multilevelled or higher than your countertops. However, Kakaire advises that the island be kept at countertop level.

“This will allow for light to flow freely through the kitchen without any obstacles. Additionally, the countertop will not tower over anything or show level differences thus helping the kitchen feel and look open. If you like to cook and clean later, a multileveled island will suit you because all the used utensils will not be out in the open but placed at the various levels,” she explains.

Less or no upper cabinets

We all love an open and airy space.  A timeless look has fewer upper cabinets and more windows. “If storage space is wanting, then incorporating open shelves will be a better option. The feeling of openness will never get out of fashion and it gets better when you have a fabulous view to focus on,” Kakaire shares.

Integrating appliances

An image of a kitchen with a refrigerator, and cooking range integrated into the cabinets and drawers conjures order and neatness. “Indeed, when appliances blend with the kitchen design and cabinets, it lends the kitchen a modern and sleek look because no appliance is breaking the cabinet line. This is a trend meant to stay for a while,” Masaba shares.

Hardwood floors

Many may not like the idea owing to work that goes into keeping these floors looking top notch. However, Nangosha says these help the space feel warmer and more inviting with an amazing classic look. “One can still go for porcelain tiles that have a wood look. They are an amazing replacement because they do not need waxing, and you will not have to worry about termite invasion, as could happen if the area is termite infested. The tiles are amazing and will also save you from dealing with splinters, as will happen in case of wood damage, yet still have the warm feel,” Masaba adds.

Deep drawers

We love clutter-free kitchens, but what did we do before deep drawers? These are  heaven sent and without them the countertops will be filled with all the essential things. “Deep drawers are indeed a solution for all pans, plates, bowls and soup spoons but should never be over crowded to allow easy access while keeping the kitchen functional and well organised. It gets even better if they are placed near the food preparation area and the sink,” says Aloysius Nangosha

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